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Welcome to our little forum! Come on in and put your feet under the table. There ain't too much on it, but you're welcome to it. Lurkers and newbies can make introductions here! 354 2110
by Testo Drive 365
Our regulars provide snappy answers to the questions that are bound to come up when the belly of your bigger half begins to bother you.
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by sabri nayre
Is this situation making you madder than a wet cat in a tote sack? Let it out here! We understand you. Your Aunt Matilda won't let you be badgered, like on those other boards.

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by lorainserna
Perhaps your spouse being overly fat has been sticking in your craw for sometime, but you ain't had the gumption to bring the subject up. Is there any good way to tell to your wife or husband just how you've been feeling? 79 695
by Glutton Buster
The basic tenets to gradual weight loss and good health include developing healthy eating habits and increasing daily physical activity and I know it is true because I read all about it in the Reader's Digest. 137 753
by Yasiel
Give tips on how disappointed wives and husbands can motivate their significant others. Water runs a whole mile downstream easier than an inch upstream. Anybody can lead a horse. How are you going to get yours to take a drink?   69 445
by Glutton Buster
Spouses that found this site and are trying to get fit even though your wife or husband hasn't complained, this is your forum. Less fat bashing, and a little more understanding here. 43 388
by Yasiel
It can be done! People do it all the time. Tell us how you did it! Tell us how your spouse did it! Share your success with us in this inspirational sub-forum.

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by plekanec
Nearly 50 percent of those seeking treatment for obesity said they sometimes, usually or always felt NO desire for sex, compared to just 2 percent of those who were not obese.
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by vandafil
The sexual frustration of being married to a Fat Spouse sometimes tests your will. 31 522
by Glutton Buster
Have you considered D-I-V-O-R-C-E as an option for your situation? 28 301
by SofaKingDunn

Feel free to post photos and videos here and Aunt Matilda will feel free to delete anything she finds offensive.
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by enhancedketoreview
Most of our regulars believe fat acceptance is scientifically incorrect, dangerous, and flat out wrong! On the forum we actively monitor Fat Acceptance and critique its poor logic on a regular basis. 99 559
by Andrea T
Are you worried about your spouse becoming a statistic? The data keeps piling up. Obesity is a killer. I guess it could be worse. There are plenty of places where 30% of the population is starving. 85 366
by Gluttons Stink

Extra! Extra! Read all about it and tell us about where you read it! Read and Review the latest headlines, medical breakthroughs and celebrity tidbits right here ob My Fat Spouse.

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by linchao
Discuss anything else that might be interesting to this forum. 190 696
by emmawils
The Administrators Rant on about whatever subject they feel like. Send your suggestions for sub-forums and site additions. We can't do this right if you don't tell us what we're doing wrong.

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by Matilda Tuesday
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