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For those of you who haven't seen Fat Bastard's "FATT" article, it's really funny.


Basically he is making fun of HAES by making his own acronym "FATT" (Food All The Time) as a dietary lifestyle for fat people.

Personally though I think "FATT" is more like "intuitive eating" than HAES because HAES requires that you do at least some non-excercise "excercise" like sitting aerobics or water yoga or whatever or you are supposed to feel guilty.  

Intuitive eating basically means eat whatever the hell you want because cravings = "your body is telling you that you need this."

In fact, I can't tell any difference between "intuitive eating" and FATT, so I'm sorry Fat Bastard, but it looks like the "Old Fat Acceptance Movement" already beat you to the punch here.