Fat Acceptance

Most of our regulars believe fat acceptance is scientifically incorrect, dangerous, and flat out wrong! On the forum we actively monitor Fat Acceptance and critique its poor logic on a regular basis.
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Why are the FA fatties so proud of being morbidly obese? by True_Blue
28 replies,
by Andrea T
Cautious shift in tides? by Mme.X
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by Mme.X
When a FA says "I eat healthy, but I'm still fat, so I can't lose weight, is this what they mean? by Andrea T
3 replies,
by Crimson
Fat Acceptance, My Ass.....mov by Andrea T
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by Andrea T
Fat Nutritionist: Eat whatever and how much you want by Huh?
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by hourglassrunner
Fat Acceptance Leader Announces Fatty Olympics by Diet Coach
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by Andrea T
From Plus Size Model to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue by Andrea T
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by AndreaT
MeMe Roth Makes Mince Meat of Kelly Bliss by Married2ASweatHog?
9 replies,
by yorktown38
Crazy Fat Girl Glutton Attacks A Fat Acceptance Defector by Fat Girls Stink
3 replies,
by Literary Gal
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