Kate Middleton is not too thin!

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Kate Middleton is not too thin!

Once upon a time, it was not considered unhealthy to be slender before you became pregnant.   I weighed 108lbs when I became preg with first baby.   I gained 32#s (was supposed to keep it at 27#).   Dr was not pleased I gained the extra weight.   Told me, "The entire products of conception will only weigh as much as double the baby's birth wt."   So my just at 8# baby gave me an immediate 15# weight loss, then a bit more...and at the end of the day, I still had 10 pounds to drop.   I did BF, but had read that it only required an extra 500 calories a day to BF.... and if I ate 1000 more per day, I was just gonna gain.    However, I did get back down to pre baby size by the time he was 4 mos old.    Eating for 2 is not exactly a wise idea (and I did not eat for two, but did probably overeat, esp in the last month, when I really larded it on, gaining 2# a week).

Kate Middleton's Royal Baby is due in a few weeks and I looked at photos of her today.   She looks radiant, her bump is big enough.   She is hardly emaciated.  I know she had some bad morning sickness in the beginning, but maybe it was not that bad.   She is, after all, carrying An Important Baby, and there would be erring on the side of caution in her case for anything unusual or prolonged symptom.     Maybe she just wanted to hide out somewhere when the big hullabaloo about her pregnancy came to be commonly known.     I, myself, might fake or exaggerate severe morning sickness just to have an excuse to avoid the crowds and the fatigue that would come with it.  

But to read that she is "too thin"....huh?  I think too many women gain too much weight having kids these days.   I  hear 100#s and more....WT????  That is too damn much.   You aren't giving birth to an elephant.    I saw Fs DD recently who just had a baby.   She is plus sized now, definitely.   Double chin, big rear.    15 months ago, she was about a size 8 and slender.   She had to have a Csection too, as well as some blood pressure issues.     She gained about 70#s her mom told me.   That easily gave her 50# remaining after delivery.   She certainly looks chubby.

Obesity and pregnancy do not mix.     I am not much of royal watcher, but I think Kate looks radiant and will have a healthy baby.