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by Andrea T • | | 16 comments
A Heart Attack at The Heart Attack Grill LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - The Heart Attack Grill in downtown Las Vegas lived up to its name Saturday night, when a customer dining on a "triple bypass burger" suffered an apparent heart attack. "He was having the sweats and shaking," more
by sad • | | 0 comments Here's a recent New York Times article that expresses part of what I was trying to say about beautiful food. I can do without the vegan part, I don't think I'm up for being a full-fledged more
by yourhumbleservant • | | 9 comments
Karl Kagerfeld states singer Adele is fat. Fat acceptance comments flow.
by Fat Bastard • | | 4 comments
Here is celebrity chep Paula Deen, queen of butter and fat who is also a diabetic. This gorgeus girl glutton stick the middle finger right up in diabetes face, eating a big burger, and as the article puts it 'practically unhinging her jaw' to feed on the sinful and delicious. Paula Deen is more
by bana • | | 4 comments
An article and comments that indicate that losing weight while married signals an end to the relationship. It's funny but when we went to visit friends last year, none of our friends knew I'd lost a significant amount of weight until they saw us. I didn't keep it a secret I'd just developed more
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Fatty trolling for new feeder OR losing weight.
by bana • | | 1 comment
Truth in advertising.
by Frustrated09 • | | 1 comment
by Proud Plumpette • | | 1 comment This article discusses the fact that women notoriously bait-and-switch their husbands once the not is tied and cake is cut. When you shove that piece of cake in her mouth after saying 'I do.', you more
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