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NY Times article states that all is not lost, we may be able to drug the obese and have them avoid the chronic diseases associated with obesity. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.
by Proud Plumpette • | | 3 comments Around 50% of men would leave their partner if they got fat. It is said to be a sign of the woman not putting any effort into the relationship. No surprise to you guys, I'm sure.
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Get Fat And I'm Dumping You! A headline two years ago grabbed my attention and probably a few others': Being Fat Ended My Marriage. In the Ladies Home Journal article, the author, "Jane," detailed how she put on 40 pounds after childbirth and was never quite able to shed more
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VitoSlimâ„¢ combines various potent herbs that trigger the release of hormones which prompt the burning of body fat. It is safe and so efficient that you will observe a significant reduction in weight in just 2 weeks! Visit this site....
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Obese man cut from chair he was stuck in for 2 years dies; skin fused with maggot-infested fabric BY LUKAS I. ALPERT DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Thursday, March 31, 2011 A morbidly obese Ohio man who had to be cut loose from a chair he had not left for two years has died, officials said. more
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From Palm Beach Post Health: Over 200 lbs? Find another OBGYN!
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There's an interesting interview on Entertainment Weekly with Melissa McCarthy on her role in Bridesmaids. Support for the comedic actress has quickly devolved into arguments about weight in the comments section. All fighting aside, I think she seems like a pretty good comedic actress, but more
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Daily Mail: Paula Deen Hope this doesn't break Fat bastard's big (actually enlarged, and 75% blocked) heart!
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