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And we won't say 'told you so' ...
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I don't know if a mathematical model makes the process more or less daunting, but here's a take on it... The article also includes a link to an interactive program to calculate what it takes to lose the more
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When I go to the mall or Walmart it seems 42% of shoppers are already obese.
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- deleted -
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Fat American girl sues pub because they wouldn't let her dance on the bar
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The only reason I watch woman's beach volleyball is the bikinis. The story says they are encouraging women from more modest countries to participate. That is code for we want to try and get some women from countries ran by men with views on woman from 1000 years ago. We know what they more
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Here is a nice, factoid article in order to shift the karma a bit from some recent postings.
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Fat acceptance voices prevailed in this one -- or was the exhibit in fact idiotically done? Video footage included...
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I saw this article in the news this morning and just had to post it. The Jeans company is being slammed for posting an ad targeted at women who are the most prolific shoppers in America and more
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