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I stumbled upon this blog after indulging on my daily reverse thinspiration provided by Fat Bastard of Bigger, Fatter, Blog. I agree that getting fat is disrespectful to society, and in a marriage completely unthinkable. If a spouse gets fat, they should have to do the ABC (Ana Boot Camp) or 2-4-6-8 (200cal, 400cal, 600cal, 800cal, rinse, lather, repeat.) until they are slim once again.

I think fat people are gross, and I would kill myself if I were ever to even be considered a 'normal' weight. I think a new standard should be imposed where 'underweight' is the new normal. Normal looks chunky to my ana-vision programmed eyes.

Inner beauty is a joke,
kill your hunger with a smoke.
First, you'll find the weight drops off,
and then you get a smoker's cough.
Hacking up a half-o-lung,
but hey, atleast you're skinny, hun.

-Wisdom from Ana