Trial Separation

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Trial Separation

It's finally happened, and it was her idea.

I sent her an email basically apologizing for my desire for her to lose weight being such an issue in our relationship. In her many replies, she said that she is also sorry for it, and even said she doesn't know if she would have been as patient as I was if the tables were turned. She also said she thinks it would be a good idea to be apart for awhile, to see if this is something we really want.

During our latest counseling session, we hammered out the basics of separating for awhile. She's staying with friends for a couple weeks, and I have the house. She's welcome back for short stays but we're going to try & have minimal contact.

She packed up today & left. It doesn't feel so bad (surprisingly). I thought I'd be paralyzed with fear but I'm not.

It's a start for all this. Not sure what the future holds, but I'm ready to see where it takes me.
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